Oleg Vlasov, MBA, Senior Lecturer

Oleg Vlasov is a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems and Accounting courses at the Bang College of Business, KIMEP University. Oleg joined the University faculty after receiving MBA degree. He has working experience as Financial Manager and Accountant. Currently, he teaches courses in Information Technology, Accounting and Management. Oleg has been actively involved in activities and development of the college - participated in creation of the first issue of KIMEP Yearbook, developed and has supported the department's website, as well as developed online content for information systems courses. He is the author of numerous publications in scientific journals and international research conferences, as well as author of 1000+ pages of methodological materials for computerized accounting course on the basis of 1C: Enterprise 8.2. His research interests areas are business process optimization, E-learning, security of Information Systems, and development of business cases for Information Systems courses. The main mission is sharing his experience and knowledge to others through teaching, research, and participation in international research activities. (See also in Russian) (See also in Kazakh)

Contact Information

050010, 2 Abai ave., Almaty, KIMEP University.

office: 418/adm.

e-mail: olegvl@kimep.kz

phone: (727) 270-44-40 ext. 2064

Courses Taught

IS 5211/IS 3211/ACC 3212 Accounting Information Systems (master and bachelor students)
IS 5201/IS 2203 Management Information Systems (master and bachelor students)
IS 2201 Computer Applications in Business
GEN 2301 Business Computer Applications

GEN 1300 Introduction to Computers

Enterprise Information Systems
Introduction to Information Systems

Introduction to Computer Science and Information Technologies
Accounting II
Fundamentals of Business Administration

Teaching/Research Interests

Teaching Interests:

  • Accounting Information Systems

  • Spreadsheet Based Decision Making, Simulation, and Financial Modeling

  • Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Programming Languages


Research Interests:

  • Business processes optimization

  • E-Learning

  • Computer aided Decision Support Systems (DSS)

  • Cloud services

  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems

  • Computerized accounting technologies

  • Security of Information Systems

  • 3D technologies


MBA, Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP), Major: Finance and Accounting, 1998-2001.

Diploma with Highest Honors in Economics and Management, Kazakhstan Academy of Transport and Communications, Department of Economics, Degree: engineer-economist, 1993-1997, GPA: 4.9/5.0 (equivalent to "Summa Cum Laude") (in the list of top 3% of graduates)

Winner of the Golden Medal (Certificate of Special Standard) (equivalent to "Altyn Belgi") for academic excellence, GPA: 5.0/5.0 (the best score among all graduates)

Publications in Scientific Peer-Review Journals (PRJs)

1) Baizyldayeva, U., Vlasov, O., Kuandykov A.A., Akhmetov T.B. (2013) "Multi-Criteria Decision Support Systems. Comparative Analysis", Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 16 (12): pp.1725-1730, ISSN 1990-9233.

2) Baizyldayeva, U., Vlasov, O., Utepbergenov, I.T. (2013) "Decision Steps on Adoption of Learning Management Systems in Kazakhstan: Perspectives for Improving Studying Efficiency", World Applied Sciences Journal 23 (3): pp.376-382, ISSN 1818-4952.

Selected International Research Conference Proceedings

1) Vlasov, O. (2013) "Anti-Plagiarism Software: Perspectives for Implementation in Institutions of Higher Education in Kazakhstan", in Proceedings from Xth KIMEP International Research Conference (KIRC 2013) “Central Asia in the Global Community: Challenges and Opportunities”, Almaty, April 4-6, ISBN 9965-9047-5-8, pp. 158 – 161.

2) Vlasov, O., Suyundukova, R., Fidirko, N., Bragina, L., Zaitseva, M. (2013) "Efficiency of Introducing Learning and Course Management Systems in Kazakhstan: Comparative Study", in Proceedings from Xth KIMEP International Research Conference (KIRC 2013) “Central Asia in the Global Community: Challenges and Opportunities”, Almaty, April 4-6, ISBN 9965-9047-5-8, pp. 152 – 157.

3) Vlasov, O. (2013) "Securing Private Information in Social Networks: Risks and Challenges in a New Information Age", in Proceedings from Xth KIMEP International Research Conference (KIRC 2013) “Central Asia in the Global Community: Challenges and Opportunities”, Almaty, April 4-6, ISBN 9965-9047-5-8, pp. 148 – 151.

4) Suyundukova, R., Fidirko, N., Zaitseva, M., Bragina, L., Vlasov, O. (2012) “Distance Learning in a Teaching Process”, in Proceedings from IX KIMEP International Research Conference (KIRC 2012) “Central Asia: Regionalization vs. Globalization”, Almaty, April 19-21, pp.154 – 155.

5) Vlasov, O., Voinov, V. (2006) “On Optimizing Advertising Activities of a Company”, in Proceedings from V Annual KIMEP International Research Conference “Changing Society through Research and Practice”, Almaty, pp. 155 – 161.

6) Vlasov, O., Voinov, V., Kini, R., Pya, N. (2003) “A Multivariate Statistical Model of a Firm’s Advertising Activities and their Financial Implications”, in Proceedings of the International Conference “Advances in Statistical Inferential Methods: Theory and Applications”, June 9-12, 2003, KIMEP, “Gylym”, Almaty, pp. 471 – 476.

Working Experience


  • Served as Acting Chair of Operations Management and Information Systems Department

  • 12 years of uninterrupted teaching experience at the Western-style University/Institute

  • Taught required and elective/specialization courses for full-time Master (graduate) and Bachelor (undergraduate) students, as well as elective courses for graduate students of the College of Continuing Education (CCE).

  • Has developed more than 1,000 pages of copyright methodological materials for the course "Accounting Information Systems" (based on 1C: Accounting 8.2)

  • Has worked as Financial Manager and Accountant in a closed joint-stock company/joint venture with U.S. contribution.

Community Service
  • Assisted in the organization of KIMEP International Research Conference;

  • Has served as a member of the following committees: "Tenure and Promotion Committee", "Curriculum and Academic Integrity (CAI) Committee", "Academic Planning and Scheduling Committee", "B.Sc. Program Committee", "Budgeting Committee", and "Students Disciplinary Committee".

  • Developed and maintained the department section of KIMEP website;

  • Participated in updating College section of KIMEP website;

  • Maintains a system of online testing, file and web servers of the Department;

  • Participated many times in preparation of students for passing Interim Tests and state Exit Tests (in the field "Informatics") held by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), worked as a member of Appeal Committee for considering appeals of students; created a computerized system for automatic calculation of tests results.

  • Prepared materials for academic subjects offered by the Department for the Annual KIMEP catalog;

  • Took an active part in attracting students to courses offered by the department, and in preparation of promotional materials for prospective students;

  • Took part in numerous Open House Days hosted by KIMEP University, created promotional presentations for attracting prospective students;

  • Leaded a section of KIMEP Sunday English Club - aiming to provide free study of English to schoolchildren of Almaty;

  • Participated in creation of the first KIMEP Yearbook.

Professional Qualifications and Certificates
  • Knowledge of international (IAS/IFRS) and national (NFRS) accounting standards, Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as current accounting and tax legislation of Kazakhstan.

  • Additional specialties: Accountant (Certificate), User of 1C: Accounting software (Certificate)

  • Level 2 Certificate in Business Writing (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) - passed with Distinction

  • First Certificate in English (FCE) (British Council), 2001.

Letters of Appreciation

Letter of Appreciation from Undergraduate Admissions Office for successfully leading a section of KIMEP University Sunday English Club for schoolchildren of Almaty.


Oleg is an active dancer and participant of performances in sports ballroom dancing, he also studied modern dance choreography.

Coaches: Nikolay Zhuk, Natalia Klimenchuk (Dance club "Fiesta") (current), Valentina Evseeva, Kuat Mirhamit (DSC "Raduga") (current); Yelena Kibler, Irina Burtovenko, Richard Rakhmatulin, Bakhtiar Ashirov (Dance school "Vivat"), Elena Galyandina, Liliya Harchilina (DSC "Telemark"), as well as coaches of DSC "Kamelliya".



See: Oleg Vlasov, Xeniya Efremova - "Paso Doble" - Performance at the Gala Show of "Star Waltz 2013" Dance Competition (23.06.2013), Almaty, Kazakhstan. (original video filmed in 3D)



See: Oleg Vlasov, Xeniya Efremova - "Jive" - Performance at the "White Voice of Dance" Festival (28.06.2014), Almaty, Kazakhstan.


See also on Google:  "Олег Власов" пасодобль

Other sports: track and field, rifle shooting (have sports category), Greco-Roman wrestling.

Other Activities

Travelling and Photography

Author of the copyright photoshoot "Summer in Almaty"
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