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Week 9  
Transportation Models Layout Strategy
Group Project 2 (Given)  
Week 10  
Group Project 3 (To be Given)  

Announcement #1: A quiz will be conducted tomorrow ( 24.03.05). Questions will be from layout strategy chapter only. 


Announcement #2: There will be an extra class tomorrow (26.03.05) at 10.30 AM for group number 1 in room no 419 in Dostyk Building. For group 3 time is 2.00 PM. The class will be conducted in Room No. 419 of Dostyk Building .

Announcement #3 About Industry project: Last Date of submitting first draft of Industry project is  12th  April, 2005. Last of submitting final project paper is 29th April, 2005.

Announcement # 4: Last for submitting second group project is 5th April, 2005 

Home Assignment For The week Starting from 4th April, 2005 Try to read liked file: Questions of project Management.  IN addition solve Q. N. 17.17. 17.20  13.20 to 13.22 from your book as part of class participation.     You can submit on 12th April, 2005.
Third Group Project: Last date of submission is 25th April, 2005.
Last Home Assignment: (5 Points):  It is a part of class participation. May 5, 2005. The day of your examination.

Task: Q.N.3.1. (Page 100), Q.N.8. (Page 135), Q.N.6.6. (page 235), Q.N.7.4 (Page 315),Q.N.8.1. (Page 340), Q.N.9.9 (Page 369), Q.N.9.6. (Page 393)   

Some Cases & Questions for Final Exam