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Grades- SCM-Spring- 2005

List of Supply chain Management Industry Project


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Week 9  
Transportation in Supply Chain  
Group Project 2 Due Date: 31st March, 2005
Business Game: Every Group is supposed to Submit it.
Group Project 3  

Announcement 1:  For Students who have offered it as a 1.5 Credit Course, Final Exam will be on Sunday (20th March, 2005 at 10 AM). Duration of the Exam will be 2 hours. All the chapters covered up to 9th Week will be Syllabus for the Exam.  

Announcement 2: Submit Synopsis of Industry Project By 18th March, 2005. 

Announcement #3 About Industry project: Last Date of submitting first draft of Industry project is  12th  April, 2005. Last of submitting final project paper is 29th April, 2005.

Announcements # 4: There will be an extra class tomorrow ( 26.03.05) at the same time in room no. 419 of Dostyk Building.


Home Assignment: Solve question No. 1 and 2 of chapter 11 of your book. This is for the week starting from 4th April. You may submit is on 12th April, 2005. I will evaluate it for your class participation.

Group Project 3: last date of Submission is 27th April, 2005.
Last Home Assignment: (5 Points). Solve questions as given in the attached file:

Attached File: Last Home Work File