Industrial Advisory Board at OMIS Department

Bang College of Business, KIMEP.


  • Develop a long-term partnership between Industry and KIMEP.

  • Achieve a position of academic excellence.

  • Acquire status of national/regional significance in Operations Management and Information Systems.


  • The IAB develops plan to market the OMIS department to recruit target students.

  • Place the graduates in industry, government, and other stakeholders in society.

  • IAB develops relationships with the outside constituencies.

  • IAB assists in generating financial resources needed to improve the OMIS department facilities.

  • IAB plans to expand research and consultancy capabilities.

  • The IAB aims to develop reward schemes for the:

    • Students,

    • Faculties and

    • Industry professionals.

  • In this regard, the IAB seeks industrial funds to support scholarships.

  • The industry, Business houses are the stakeholders and therefore the IAB assist the department in accreditation activities and identify mechanism to improve the OMIS curriculum.

  • The IAB reviews OMIS curriculum and suggests state of the art training to satisfy the present needs and long term skills requirement of KIMEP graduates in market place.

  • Identify methods to get feed back of the KIMEP graduates in market place.

  • Consequently, the IAB recommends key elements in OMIS curriculum revisions.

  • The IAB aims to make the OMIS strategically focused in the latest professional trends in business.

  • The IAB identifies professionals for guest lectures (Practice) to close the gap between industry and academia.

  • In addition, the OMIS and IAB seek industrial research collaborations/consultancies to improve scholarships and professional practice.

  • The IAB recommends student and faculty recruitments to maintain high profile in the region.

  • The IAB strengthen ties with business organizations beyond the KIMEP's boundaries.

  • Identify the state of the art instructional technologies available and practiced to improve the soft skills of the OMIS graduates.

  • As a result OMIS maintains world class facilities.



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