Operations Management and Information systems


The Mission of Operations Management and Information Systems Department is to support Bang College of Business, KIMEP in the pursuit of its mission and goals and to provide an environment where students and faculty can pursue the acquisition of applied and theoretical knowledge of the information systems, information technology, operations management, quantitative techniques, decision sciences and related disciplines relevant to the operations of profit and non-profit organizations.


The department expects its graduates to be most preferred operations managers, business analysts, and staff personnel in large and small organizations which operate on both a profit and non-profit basis. We expect the graduate, master and doctoral students of the department are  capable of:

  1. Understanding and intelligently using the information systems, operations management and decision sciences discipline covered in various courses for analysis and evaluation of business operations and processes;

  2. Using software tools, an ever growing added value in most sectors of the economy - manufacturing, transportation, logistics, distribution, utilities, and other services to be a perfect “fourth factor” of production.

  3. Developing operations strategy in line of business strategies for production system designs, resource planning & management, monitoring and improving process integrity by using operations tools for decision making.

  4. Understanding the role of quality control, quantitative and analytical techniques, supply chain in creating values, customer relationship, electronic communication in partnership with external product and service providers for sustainable competitive advantage.

In addition, the faculty is engaged in the expansion of knowledge through research and public service. The department plan to support the business practitioner through its cooperation with internal and external agencies and its devotion to the needs of the business practitioner.

Learning Outcomes:

To achieve its mission and objectives Operations Management and Information Systems department has developed the capabilities of the faculty to teach courses at Graduate, master and doctoral level program in addition to teaching general courses of the area. Its strength includes following courses


Operations Management Courses

Information Management Courses














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