Operations Management Pathway

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The OM specialization provides students with management skills for planning, controlling and improving the performance of people and processes used to transform multiple inputs into goods and services required to satisfy customers. Students specializing in OM are well-prepared to contribute to the economic development of Kazakhstan by taking advantage of career opportunities in inventory planning, purchasing, quality management, productivity improvement, supply chain management, production control and scheduling, and material resource planning in a wide variety of manufacturing and service industries.

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Spring 2008:

OP1201, OP2201,

OP2202, OP5201,


Description of the Field
Programs offered by our pathway integrate source (strategic procurement and supply management), make (manufacturing and service operations), deliver (demand fulfillment), and return (reverse logistics, recycle, and remanufacture) processes, along with information systems as the critical enabler of supply chain efficiencies and responsiveness. These core processes span traditional functional boundaries and encompass important activities such as information management; purchasing; inventory flow scheduling and control; logistics-production coordination; transportation systems operation and infrastructure; and customer service, order fulfillment, and distribution facilities management.

The study of Operations and Supply Chain Management prepares students for professional careers with manufacturers, distributors, logistics service providers and consulting firms. Our curriculum provides the required conceptual base and analytical methods for making sound operational and strategic business decisions.

General Skills
Through courses in our program, students typically gain these skills:
      - Quantitative skills, including mathematics and statistics.
      - Analytical thinking.
      - Effective written and oral communications skills.

Specific Skills
Some of the skills developed by the operations management major include:
      - Solid knowledge of decision making techniques and approaches.
      - Familiarity with modern concepts of OM. 
      - Proficiency in current technology such as project management, decision making and data-mining software.

For the past several decades, academic research in OM has studied the transformation process at the shop-floor level, investigating issues of scheduling and sequencing of production and transportation. Our faculty are dedicated to standing on that shop-floor foundation and reaching up to the next level of organizational complexity. Our research studies also  transformation process at the senior management level. It is naturally cross-functional, because interactions within the firm cannot be ignored at the senior manager level. OM faculty research targets such specific topics as supply chain management and contracts with vendors and distributors, capacity planning and demand management, managing operational complexity, concurrent product and process design, and investments in new technologies.


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