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ALMATY, April 18, 2007 – South Korea’s largest financial institution is giving KIMEP the biggest donation in the university’s history, KIMEP’s president, Dr. Chan Young Bang, announced today.

Kookmin Bank’s $460,000 gift will be used to create an endowed professorship known as the Kookmin Chair of Banking, to create two full scholarships for Korean MBA students and four full undergraduate-student scholarships for Kazkah students, to equip a computer laboratory for students and to enhance the university’s Korean Studies program.

Chung Won Kang, president and CEO of Kookmin Bank, said:  “KIMEP is helping to change Kazakhstan society by providing a world-class level of higher education to its citizens. Our bank’s donation is in recognition of the tremendous success of KIMEP. The gift is also a challenge to other businesses in Kazakhstan to support its future leaders.”

Mr. Kang added that he hopes the donation helps change the path of some students’ lives, helping them make significant contributions to Kazakhstan’s development.

Dr. Bang said Kookmin Bank’s donation is important not only financially but also as a symbol of the faith that renowned business, government and non-profit organizations have in the university. “KIMEP values its growing relationships with national and international businesses such as Kookmin Bank, with other friends and with our alumni, who are important members of the KIMEP family,” he said.

KIMEP is an American-style university with 4,500 students and 180 faculty, including 60 professors from other nations with Ph.D.s.

The university’s enrollment has been growing rapidly in recent years. To accommodate the burgeoning student body, KIMEP has added several dozen faculty. It has also built a new library and is constructing a new academic building. In addition, it has added many computer laboratories in recent years, and will soon offer a wireless Internet connection on campus.