Language Center Advising

Dear Students, come to the LC Advising Center and get assistance in choosing the LC courses!

Office # 226, Dostyk Building
Office hours: TThF, 9 AM-1 PM; MW, 2-6 PM

Language Center Administration

Dear Students, Faculty, & Staff, The Language Center is currently creating its own English Club!

It will welcome you all soon to practice your English with native speakers and each other in informal settings!

We want to make it fun and cool for you,
and look forward to receiving your comments, ideas and suggestions about different activities and events that you want the English Club to carry out for you!!!

Email Dinara Karimova, LC Advising Coordinator,
at  ,
or stop by LC Advising Center
Office # 226, Dostyk building
Office hours: TThF, 9 AM-1 PM; MW, 2-6 PM

Dear students, the Language Lab is waiting for you

(Office # 208, Dostyk building)
Office hours: 9:00-18:00
Lunch time: 13:00-14:00

You have the opportunity to improve your English skills through the Internet and read news from the newspapers and magazines.
You can also improve your listening skills and fulfill your listening assignments.
You are all most welcome!