KIMEP: The Truth

An Open Letter From Chan Young Bang, President of the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP) To The People of Kazakhstan

There have been recent allegations about the management and governance of KIMEP in various media in the form of an open letter to President N.A. Nazarbayev.

I feel it is vitally important for the integrity of the institution and most importantly its graduates and current students for the reality of the situation to made known to the general public. These people have produced prejudiced views masquerading as facts for personal reasons. These accusations cannot go unchallenged. The faculty who departed did so for various reasons:

Each issue which has been raised in recent public pronouncements by these former faculty who left in these unfortunate circumstances is dealt with explicitly below.

At the outset, it is critically important to understand that the Board of Trustees of KIMEP , comprised of senior Government, business and academic representatives formulates policy and is responsible for the overall direction and management of the university. No major decision can be taken by the President without their approval.

KIMEP seeks only to provide the best education to Kazakhstani citizens and to assist Kazakhstan as it develops.  Our goal is ďeducation to change societyĒ and our mission is to serve the people of Kazakhstan.  We are seeking to train the next generation of Kazakhstanis as leaders in economics, business, and other areas.

Issue 1: Turnover of Faculty

Issue 2: Management of Expatriate Faculty

Issue 3: KIMEPís Financial Structure and Accusations of Student Tuition Fee Dependence

Issue 4: Integrity of Tender and Contract Award Procedures and Accusations of Favoritism Towards USKO.

Issue 5: Renovation of KIMEP Library and Accusations of Favoritism Towards USKO.

Issue 6: Accusations of Lack of Financial Transparency

Issue 7: Accusations of Managerial Incompetence

Issue 8: Allegations of Failure to Achieve Accreditation from a United States Agency

I would like to conclude by highlighting that KIMEP is a dynamic institution of which Kazakhstan can be proud. We are building KIMEP as a gift  to the people of Kazakhstan and in doing this are committed to the provision of world class education to support the astonishing changes we see every day in Kazkahstan.

We are committed to achieving this through an open and transparent management system so that not only do our students and graduates contribute to economic and social change, but that in all of its actions KIMEP demonstrates world class academic and management practices. I am grateful to our Board of Trustees for formulating a system which allows us to do this.

Our greatest strength is our students and faculty who are actively involved in the management and decision making process of the University. We seek to practice what we preach. KIMEP is open to all and we would be delighted to extend an open invitation to anyone who is interested to visit the University and see for themselves what we are achieving. KIMEP belongs to the people of Kazakhstan and we are happy to share this experience with them.

Once again I invite anyone who is interested to visit KIMEP and talk to any member of the KIMEP community and see for themselves.