·         Important Deadlines: Documents on Work-Study Program are accepted the whole year round according to the calendar below:

WSTD (Work-Study Tuition Discounts) applications deadlines for AY 2007-2008

Semesters Dates
Application for WSTD for Summer 2/2007 12.05.2007 - 21.06.2007
Application for WSTD for Fall 2007 Till 25.07.2007

Documents on Scholarships and Dormitory accommodation are accepted once a year according to the calendar below:

Scholarships and Dormitory applications deadlines for AY 2007-2008

Financial Aid/Status of students

Newly admitted students

For students who admitted in III intake

Regular students

Provisional students

3rd and 4th year students


28.03.2007- 20.06.2007

Till 29.06.2007




Dormitory for Fall 2007

28.03.2007- 25.07.2007

Till 25.07.2007

01.02.2007- 25.07.2007

28.03.2007- 25.07.2007


Dormitory for Intensive Courses


Till 29.06.2007









20.08.2007- 5.09.2007

Confirmation “Altyn Belgi”status



till 25.06.2007



For more detail information please contact Student Financial Services Sector.