New KIMEP PhD Faculty and Administrators

KIMEP is pleased to announce that 26 new full-time faculty and academic administrators who have Ph.D. degrees or equivalent professional qualifications have joined the Institute for the Fall semester 2007. Relative to the previous Spring semester, KIMEP will have a net gain of 20 full-time faculty and senior administrators who hold terminal degrees. This is in line with KIMEP’s goal of increasing the number of faculty with these qualifications by at least 20 per year. The new colleagues have come to Almaty from countries all over the world, including the United States, Australia, France, Morocco and Bangladesh. Five of the 26 are Kazakhstani nationals.

“We are making significant progress towards having a majority of our faculty holding Ph.Ds or other terminal degrees”, said Dr. Bruce Taylor, KIMEP’s Vice President of Academic Affairs. “ New faculty bring their new ideas and varied experiences to KIMEP, which enhances the quality of our teaching and learning. We are delighted to welcome these colleagues and we hope they will enjoy long and fruitful academic careers at KIMEP”.