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COMPANYcareer Talks from KIMEP Alumni/Umijon Usmanov
EVENTSGuerrilla marketing that will help you get into Forbes. How to perceive it? -How marketing operates in large companies -How to quickly grow up the career ladder -Why sometimes bad decisions lead to better results -What is guerrilla marketing and how will it help you in life Today, our guest is Umidjon Osmanov, the founder of the QEEPE advertising agency and the Digitalization social project. Umidjon has graduated from KIMEP in 2019, but already managed to work at The Coca-Cola Company, was a marketing specialist at Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers, a media planning manager at Mindshare (dasm / ms), a marketing manager at the cybersports organization Progress Gaming. In fairness, he studied about 6 years. Umidzhon was engaged in volunteer activities, was the debutant of the final The Opera Ball VIII, and this year he launched a social project for helping entrepreneurs - Digitalization.
Opening Date6/23/2020

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