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COMPANYCareer Talks/"Balance between soft and hard skills for career growth"
EVENTS Dear students! We are continuing our Career Talks. The next session is : "Balance between soft and hard skills for career growth" Our guest: Akhmet Ishmukhamedov is Founder & Executive Director of Sauwat Strategy (Singapore based management consulting company), who is currently based in Singapore, and supports SMEs in food and education sectors to enter markets in Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Mr. Ishmukhamedov has professional experience of more than 10 years while working in public and private sectors in Kazakhstan, Korea, USA, Singapore, UK. He is currently working on developing a new promising EduTech company that will help Schools and Universities to find high quality educators from any part of the world! He is also a Visiting Online Live Lecturer (subjects: Business Ethics, Technopreneurship, Global Entrepreneurship) at KAZGUU University, and enjoys such hobbies as chess, music, and active sports.
Akhmet will tell how companies react to constant external changes, why they need employees with extensive knowledge both: “soft skills ” -networking, business communications, stress resistance, emotional intelligence, creativity and “hard skills” -finance, economics, law , science, accounting; how networking affects job search and career growth.

Language: Russian, Kazakh

Date: September 4, 2020, 17:00
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Opening Date3/9/2020

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