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B.Sc.: Information Systems

Required for Major

Required for Minor

IS1201 Introduction to Computer &Information Technology

IS2201 Computer Application in Business

IS2203 Management Information Systems

IS Core Required Electives

IS3201: E-Commerce

IS3202: Database Management Systems in Business

IS3203: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

IS3204: Management of E-Business Systems

Choose any 3 elective courses from the list below:

IS3205 System Analysis & Design

IS3206 Information Technology Enabled Services

IS3207 Business Process Reengineering

IS3208 Data Communication & Networking

IS3209 Programming Languages

IS3210 Information System Security

IS3211/5211 Accounting Information Systems

IS4201 Business Modeling & Simulation

IS4202 Decision Support System

IS4203 Design & Analysis of Algorithms for Business

IS4204 Software Engineering

IS4205 Accounting Database Systems

IS4206 Knowledge Management

Choose any 3 elective courses from any department

Choose any 3 elective courses from the list below:

IS3201: E-Commerce

IS3202: Database Management Systems in Business

IS3203: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

IS3204: Management of E-Business Systems


Description of the Information Systems Courses

IS1201 Introduction to Computer & Information Technologies

Prerequisite: None

The purpose of this course is to acquaints the students to skills of operation behind the personal computer, learning by them of modern software products, such as Microsoft Windows (an operating system), Word, Excel (Spread sheet basics), Power Point (presentation software), Internet and E-mail, and basic concept of programming, which use will be necessary in learning process in KIMEP.

IS2201 Computer Applications in Business, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS1201

This course aims to provide the students with an understanding on the use of computers and impact of technology on business. The students, through extensive hands-on experience with personal computers, will acquire the skill of using popular business software such as web languages, excel, visual basic etc. to manipulate data efficiently and accurately, to produce useful information for business applications. Eventually, the students are expected to develop the practical skills of using computers to handle business-related problems. The course includes discussion on basics of computer organization, system and application software’s, Web languages, spreadsheet programs, text editors, database management systems, and business graphics presentation packages.

IS2203 Management Information Systems, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2201

This course provides a broad overview of the information systems including their resources and components. In addition the course discusses key managerial issues relating to implementation and application of information systems in an enterprise, understanding the impact of information systems/ information technology on

business functions; outlining strategies for corporate growth based on the effective use and management of information systems; analyzing business problems and developing the design for relevant information systems solutions; understanding how information systems can be used to transform business processes and provide more effective management control and decision systems.


Description of the Elective Information Systems Courses

IS3201 E-Commerce, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

Students will learn basics of electronic commerce, its building blocks, and the technologies used to place orders and process payments, legal issues and security protections offered for web-based institutions. The course will focus on the steps involved with web site creation, e-commerce implementation strategies, total cost of operations, and solutions available in building electronic sites and integration of data into existing business infrastructure. The course will also cover role of different players in the value chain, business-to-business, business-to-consumer and business to government models, and policies of major vendor for creating infrastructure to enable e-commerce.

IS3202 Database Management Systems in Business, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

This course covers the functions of data base management systems and their roles in a business organization; database models, entity relationship analysis, the relational database model, database languages, functional dependencies and normalization, various constraints, including logical and physical system constraints; security considerations, role of system user; and database design examples, data modeling techniques. The course will also cover physical database & DBMS implementation (storage and index structures, system catalog, query optimization, transaction processing, concurrency control, database recovery, security & authorization), and other related topics. 

IS3203 Enterprise Resource Planning, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

This course covers the theory, methods, and techniques for solving organizational information processing problems using Enterprise Resource Planning software; and critical issues including software selection and configuration, project management, systems architecture, process analysis and design, organizational change, implementation and post- implementation issues of ERP projects.

IS3204 Management of E-Business Systems, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

The course will cover Electronic Business Frameworks, Internet and the WWW, advertisement and promotions on the web, infrastructure for electronic business, economics of electronic business, telecommunications infrastructure for e-business, client-server architecture of e-business systems, e-business services. The course will also cover various protocols and tools for developing e-business systems, management and creation of dynamic web content, Digital economy, Security of e-business systems: Cryptography and security of Internet information flows, host security, intranets and extranets, Electronic payment systems Trust and assurance in e-business, continuous online auditing, online financial reporting, E-business intelligence: Data mining, Web measurements and analysis, Electronic markets, Intelligent agents in electronic commerce transactions, and Extensible Markup Language, Virtual organizations and supply chain management.

IS3205 System Analysis & Design, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

In this course, students will explore and become familiar with various concepts, principles, and stages of computer-based information systems analysis and design. Students will be exposed to and learn about the groups of people involved in systems development and the different methods, tools, and techniques used in systems analysis and design. Feasibility study, requirements definition and design, implementation process, development documentation will be covered. The system development life cycle, prototyping, data modeling techniques, cost benefit analysis and user involvement will also be covered.

IS3206 Information Technology Enabled Services, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

The course will cover processes marketing, operations, and finance of IT enabled service sectors. It will cover how to gain an expertise in dealing with technology selection & implementation issues, management of services and their marketing and application of IT in various service sectors, integrating effectively both at front-end and back-end. It also enables them to draw BPO strategies for various service offerings. Customer Interaction Services such as Call Centers Finance and Accounting Services such as back office data processing for airlines, etc. Engineering and Design Services such as outsourced design activities Human Resources Services such as outsourced payroll preparations, etc will also be discussed during the course.

IS3207 Business Process Reengineering, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

Information systems and technology will be used as a framework for analyzing challenges and opportunities faced by individuals and organizations as they adapt themselves and their companies to better face the implications of competitive position in the midst of an information management explosion. Information systems are presented as an enabling technology supporting and reengineering effort of business processes within any organization. The course is reasonably self-contained and positioned for managers and professionals who must make IS related decisions, as opposed to technical users and application developers.

IS3208 Data Communication & Networking, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

The course presents basic knowledge of communication systems as one of the great computer science fields. It covers systematic methods for classification of the present and future development of computer communication; changes in the infrastructure of information and communication systems, distributed systems, open systems, architectures as blueprint for open systems; communication networks for local area environments (within organizations) and for wide area environments (between organizations); and communication services in local and wide area networks. In addition course will introduce networking models, intranet and extranet and their use in E-business and E-commerce.

IS3209 Programming Languages, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2201

This course is as introduction to the concepts, principles, and skills of programming, including compliers, algorithms, and problem solving using a high level programming language such as C++ or Visual Basic. It is as intended for students with little or no programming experience. It emphasizes problem solving, algorithm development, and structured programming techniques with a series of projects to be developed through the course.

IS3210 Information system Security, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

The course will cover information security aspects, information network security aspects and Information Technology aspects. These aspects will include security processes, security tools and techniques, security standards, responsibility centers, implantations issues & processes, total cost of ownership and advantages to the organization. In addition courses will provide detailed analysis of various options available in the market for implementing security infrastructure in a global environment.

IS3211/5211 Accounting Information Systems, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2201

This course addresses issues of computer-based accounting. The course will focus on teaching skills needed to use modern accounting software for effective decision support. Students, through extensive hands-on experience with such software, will acquire the skills necessary to manipulate data efficiently and accurately, to produce useful information. Eventually, the students are expected to develop practical skills to handle common business-related situations. The course includes discussions on the accounting software principles, and concentrates on effective techniques of using software in the business world.

IS4201 Business Modeling & Simulation, 3 Credits

Prerequisites: IS3202, IS2203

The course will cover usage of modern, powerful computers by decision makers in turning to simulation to make decisions about investment strategies, marketing strategies, and managerial policies concerning inventory, production, space analysis, etc. This course will be oriented towards demonstrating how simulation can be applied to aid these decisions. It will also provide the foundations of good simulation practice of various business models. The simulations will be performed using MS Excel or @Risk, or Risk Master software’s.

IS4202 Decision Support Systems, 3 Credits

Prerequisites: IS2203, IS3202

This course examines a set of information systems which specifically support managerial decision makers: Decision Support Systems, Group Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems, Data Warehouses, Expert Systems, and Neural Networks. The course explores and discusses the development, implementation, and application of these systems, how these systems can be applied to current business problems, as well as how organization issues impact the implementation and usage of these systems. This will involve developing conceptual knowledge of these systems as well as gaining practical experience with several software packages for decision support.

IS4203 Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Business, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

This course is designed to teach students the different methods by which data may be represented by a computer as well as the algorithms that operate on such representations. In addition, it aims to teach students to analyze the time complexities and bounds of various types of algorithms and memory requirements of programs, explain the different sorting and searching techniques, and implement design techniques in a variety of business problems.

IS4204 Software Engineering, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS3209

This course covers an introduction to software products, software processes – various models of software development life cycle, process visibility and deliverables; introduction to systems engineering and systems architecture; introduction to project management, requirements engineering – analysis, definition, and specification, prototyping; software design process, architectural and used interface design; verification and validation; software cost estimation; configuration management and version control, software maintenance; project teams and work breakdown structure; project planning and tracking; equality management and process improvement.

IS4205 Accounting Database Systems, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

The course will cover study of systems analysis, design, and implementation within the context of an accounting database system. Additional topics include a treatment of the business computing environment, analysis of accounting databases with specific emphasis on the structure and use of accounting databases security and control of information, the accounting information system as a component of the management information system, and decision support and expert systems.

IS4206 Knowledge Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS2203

The course will cover basics of Knowledge Management (KM), Knowledge and Knowing, Knowledge Creation and knowledge sharing, Knowledge and its Relationship to Organizational Learning, Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture, Knowledge Gathering and Tacit Knowledge in Organizations, Technology Tools & Projects and Practices, Roles for Information and Communication Professionals in creation of knowledge and its dissemination in the organization, Ethical Issues, Pragmatics and Problems, Pragmatics of Knowledge Management, and Applications of information technologies to knowledge management.

The following Code and Course title changes have occurred:

Old Code and title of Courses

New Code and title of Courses

IS2203/2001 Computer Applications in Business

IS2202 Computer Applications in Business

IS/OP2201 Management Information Systems

IS2203 Management Information Systems

IS3211Introduction to Operations Management/Spreadsheet based Optimization

OP2202 Accounting Information Systems

IS3211 Accounting Information Systems

OP1201 Spreadsheet based Simulation

OP1201 Business Quantitative Methods

OP3214 Project Management/ Spreadsheet based Simulation

OP3214 Spreadsheet Based Decision Modeling

OP3202 Project Management

OP3202 Logistics and Supply Chain Management


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