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B.Sc.: Major in Management and Human Resource Management

All the courses in this section require Introduction to Business (MG1201) as a prerequisite. See course description for individual prerequisites. All courses are 3 credits.

Required for Major in Management:

Required for Major in Human Resource Management:

MG3204 Human Resources


MG3205 Decision Making*

MG3206 Leadership and Motivation*

MG3206 Leadership and Motivation**

MG4202 Compensation Management**

MG4203 Performance Management**

Plus 5 electives from the list below

And 2 electives from any department


MG3201 Business Communications

MG3202 Principles of Business Ethics

MG3207 Negotiations in Business

MG3208 Contemporary Management Thought

MG3209 International Management

MG3210 International Business

MG3211 Small Business Management

MG3212 Organizational Behavior

MG3213 Managing Change

MG3299 Selected Topics in Management

MG4202 Compensation Management**

MG4203 Performance Management**

OP3215 Business Time Series Forecasting

**Required only for a major in Human Resource Management

Minor in Management requires the above courses marked "*" and all core Management courses (2 credits).

Description of Core Management courses

MG1201 Introduction to Business, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: none

This course is designed to provide an overview of the world of business. The basic principles and practices of contemporary business are reviewed as a foundation for further business education. Key business functions including management, marketing, accounting, finance, quality control systems, human resource practices, and management information systems are studied. In addition, the course covers such topics as small business, entrepreneurship, global business, and ethics.  

MG2201 Introduction to Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG1201

This course deals with the role and nature of management as it is used in contemporary business. The course will provide a systematic understanding of the core concepts of management theory and practice. A brief review of the foundations of key management thinking will be presented to set the context. This will be followed by an exploration of the environment for the managers and a discussion of the social and ethical issues which affect managers. The diverse roles of the manager in contemporary business are then explored placing emphasis on identifying the key role effective management can play in developing successful organizations, private and public, large and small.

MG2202 Business Law, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG2201

This course examines basic legal principles. This allows students to recognize relevant issues and the legal implications of business situations. The principles of Kazakhstan law will be applied to accounting, auditing, and decision-making throughout the course. The political, social, and ethical implications of these issues are also debated.

MG2203 Strategy and Business Policy, 3 Credits

Prerequisites: MG2201, MK2201, FN1201, AC2201

This course examines the enterprise as a whole including understanding how and why the various functions of a business are interdependent and need to be coordinated. The course looks at the environment in which a business operates its strategy, and internal administrative activities. The emphasis is on the kinds of problems and issues that affect the success of the entire organization.

Description of Elective Management Courses

MG3201 Business Communications, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: none

This class introduces the principles of communication in organizations. The most common organizational communication variables are reviewed; e.g. communication distortion, conflict, power, managerial leadership style, roles, interviewing, and information overload and under-load. The emphasis is placed on the application of the principles reviewed to the organizational setting. Simulations, exercises, and case studies are used to give the course material strong practical relevance.

MG3202 Principles of Business Ethics, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: none

An understanding of Business Ethics is critical for modern managers. The course reviews the prevalent theories of ethics that set and guide society’s expectations of doing business in today’s private and public sector within the social, economic, and political order in the context of local traditions. Responsibility to all the stakeholders of a business will be studied from an ethical standpoint. International ethical frameworks for gauging business decisions are reviewed. Throughout the course, there is intensive use of case studies to illustrate and solve business ethics problems. The objective of the course is to introduce the student to the ethical concepts that are relevant to resolving moral issues in business; impart the reasoning and analytical skills needed to apply ethical concepts to business decisions; identify the moral issues involved in the management of specific problem areas in business; and to provide an understanding of the social, technological, and natural environments within which moral issues in business arise.

MG3204 Human Resources Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG2201

This course deals primarily with activities that directly affect how employees are brought into the firm and their treatment once they are employed. These activities include selection, training, evaluation, compensation, labor relations, working conditions, and related issues.

MG3205 Decision Making, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG1201

The course focuses on ideas that can be used in business to understand decisions generally. The curriculum includes the concepts of rational choice, identity, appropriateness, and history-dependent rules. The course also explores how decisions are made in the face of inconsistency in preferences or identities. Prospects for decision engineering are also explored in detail.

MG3206 Leadership and Motivation, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG1201

This course is intended for future managers who require knowledge on how to
motivate people, how to manage groups and use appropriate leadership styles. It is modeled as an integrated framework that consists of lectures and training.

MG3207 Negotiations in Business, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG1201

This course deals with the art and skills of negotiating in various business situations. Cases involving and analyzing issues and problems ranging from sales and contracts to the most complicated issues of international business will be discussed.

MG3208 Contemporary Management Thought, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG2201

The purpose of the course is to introduce students to recent, leading edge management thinking. A study of the most recent trends and ideas in management and their practical application is carried out. The course will include reviews of books by well-known management theorists and a critical analysis of the application of these theories in Kazakhstan.

MG3209 International Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG2201

This course compares management styles used in various countries and the effectiveness of those styles on that culture. Methods will be contrasted with current management methods used in Kazakhstan to formulate effective methods for practical use. Focus is on the design of the organization; political, legal, and economic concerns; personnel issues; and, negotiating strategies.

MG3210 International Business, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG1201

This course involves study of the issues and logistics involved in conducting business in the international arena. Issues such as globalization, the impact of economics, socio-cultural factors, and economic policy are discussed in detail. The

nature and economic role of the multinational corporation including the impact of legal, political, educational, and cultural variables upon firm performance and managerial activity forms the core of the course. Case studies illustrate managerial, marketing and financial and accounting activities, in the global economic space

MG3211 Small Business Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG1201

Lectures and case study methods are applied to investigate and analyze problems related to small business start-ups and functions. Included are: selecting a location, business planning, organizational control, finances, and other areas of interest to the small business owner. The course includes formulating a business plan.

MG3212 Organizational Behavior, 3 credits

Prerequisite: MG2201

Managers get things done through other people. They make decisions, allocate resources, and direct the activities of others to attain goals. Managers do their work in an organization. This is a consciously coordinated social unit, composed of two or more people. These units strive to achieve a common goal or set of goals. This course develops a sound understanding of the human side of work and provides knowledge of the behavioral aspects of working in organizations.

MG3213 Managing Change, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG2201

This course is designed as an introduction to managing change in organizations with an emphasis on the development of student capacity to understand the necessity of change in organizations. This is achieved by focusing on the conceptual and theoretical underpinning of change in the organizational context, analysis of how effective change management helps an organization gain a competitive advantage, and introduction of key change tools.

MG3299 Selected Topics in Management, 3 credits

Prerequisite: MG2201

This course provides further study into various areas in management. Topics covered will change from year to year depending on the students’ particular needs and strengths.

MG4202 Compensation Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG3204

The purpose of the course is to provide the student with an understanding of compensation and rewards systems management in contemporary organizations. This course examines and reviews the elements of compensation and rewards systems that affect organizations including theoretical aspects and justifications. This leads into a detailed discussion of the practicalities of making wage decisions, incentives and benefits design techniques, and the administrative aspects of the compensation management process.

MG4203 Performance Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MG2201

The purpose of performance management is to improve performance in critical areas by creating accountability to goals and objectives. This course will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills of ensuring effective staff performance over a period of time, i.e. through tracking and strategic control and performance opportunity setting.


The following Code and Course title changes have occurred:

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MG3208 Contemporary Management

MG3208 Contemporary Management Thought


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