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B.Sc.: Major in Marketing

All the courses in this section require Principles of Marketing (MK1201) as a prerequisite.

See course description for individual prerequisites. All courses are 3 credits.

Required for Major in Marketing:

MK3201 Consumer Behavior

MK3202 Marketing Communications

MK3203 Marketing Research

Plus 5 electives from the list below

And 2 electives from any department



MK3204 Advertising Management

MK3205 Retailing

MK3206 Retail Merchandising and Sales Promotion

MK3207 Internet Marketing

MK3208 International Marketing

MK3209 Business Marketing

MK3210 Services Marketing

MK3212 Fundamentals of Selling

MK3213 Public Relations

MK3214 Brand Management

MK3215 Non Profit Marketing

MK3216 New Product Marketing

MK3218 Marketing Channels

MK3219 Event Marketing

MK3299 Selected Topics in Marketing

OP3202 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

OP3215 Business Time Series Forecasting

IS3201 E-Commerce

IS3217 E-Commerce Marketing

Minor in Marketing requires two core Marketing courses and 4 other Marketing courses (18 credits).


Description of Core Management and Marketing Courses

In line with the proposed requirements of the BCB Academic Planning and Curriculum Development Committee the following courses are planned to be offered in Fall 2005 by the Management and Marketing Department.

MK1201 Principles of Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: None

The aims of this course are to provide students with a basic understanding of the constituent elements of the marketing function in organizations. The course will develop analytical and diagnostic skills in dealing with marketing situations. Students will learn how marketing objectives are matched with marketing strategies and programs.

MK2201 Advanced Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This class involves an in-depth study of marketing management, with emphasis on the marketing environment, development of marketing strategies, formulation of policies, and, critically, the integration of marketing with other functional areas of business.


Description of Elective Management and Marketing Courses

MK3201 Consumer Behavior, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course will provide the students with knowledge of key concepts of Consumer Behavior Science and their use in developing marketing strategies. This will include how: analysis of external and internal influences on consumer behavior; consumer decision-making process; concepts of consumer strategy and tactics; the importance of product image and brands; and, store image influence consumer purchases.

MK3202 Marketing Communications, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course is designed to introduce students to the main aspects of the marketing communication mix as well as marketing communications strategy. This knowledge will develop them as future marketing managers, who will be able to lead a companyís communications. By the end of the course students will be able to define and develop a companyís marketing communications strategy; brief advertising agencies about message style and media used for promotional campaign; and, evaluate advertising agency proposals.

MK3203 Marketing Research, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course looks at how marketing research functions and procedures can be utilized in measuring and analyzing environmental factors in consumer demand, sales efficiency, effectiveness of promotional programs, and effects of competitorís strategies. It includes methods of product distribution and pricing research. Projects emphasize current marketing research techniques.

MK3204 Advertising Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course analyses the principles and practices of advertising from a managerial viewpoint. The purpose of the course is to familiarize the student with the process of developing and managing advertising. The course considers the reasons to advertise products and market analyses in the planning phase of the advertising program. This stage also includes media selection, creation, and production of advertisements, copy testing, and development of advertising budgets.

MK3205 Retailing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course investigates the structure of the retailing industry. Issues covered include retailing trends, retail store organization, and tools for understanding retail consumers. Store location, design, and layout are examined as the core of understanding the basic fundamentals of operating a retail business.

MK3206 Retail Merchandising and Sales Promotion, 3 credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course analyzes the merchandising and sales promotion functions of retailers. The course covers market segmentation, merchandising policies, budgeting, buying, inventory management, and pricing. Emphasis is placed on retail promotional planning, implementation and evaluation.

MK3207 Internet Marketing, 3 credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

The course is developed to examine the unique features of marketing through the Internet as well as the use of the Internet as support for off-line marketing activities. The course is designed to give students a detailed understanding of key Internet marketing concepts and to see how they are implemented. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to analyze on-line marketing strategies of companies,

the customer utility of websites, and develop promotional campaigns for on-line marketing programs.

MK3208 International Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course covers international marketing operations by looking at issues such as product policies, pricing, advertising, distribution channels, and marketing research. The factors governing the decision to engage in foreign transactions by organizations are explored in detail. In-depth market studies form a core part of the course.

MK3209 Business Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

The course will provide students with the grounding they need to become successful business-to-business marketers. Comprehensive and flexible, it focuses on general business marketing issues such as characteristics of business marketing, organizational buying behavior, business marketing programming, integrated marketing communications, internet marketing, and business ethics. The theory of business marketing will be studied using practical exercises to ensure the students understanding of the topics covered

MK3210 Services Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course focuses on the specific issues facing successful marketers in the service sector. Marketing of services, including promotion and pricing practices and strategies, are discussed in detail as is in-depth practical knowledge of franchising and specific services sectors.

MK3212 Fundamentals of Selling, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

The fundamentals of selling and sales management will be studied in this course to ensure students understand the role of personal selling in the company promotional program, customersí buying behavior, sales process, and functions of a sales manager. The students will practice the skills necessary for effective communication and successful selling. Prospecting and approaching customers, sales presentation, handling objections, and closing and follow-up techniques will be studied in detail. Sales planning, developing, and directing sales forces as well as evaluating the performance of the sales aspect of organizations will contribute to the studentsí understanding of sales management.

MK3213 Public Relations, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of public relations.  Public relations can be defined as the art and science of positioning an organization in its environment.  The course examines the various ways that communication facilitates this process.  The objectives of the course are to provide an understanding of the functions of public relations, to expose the student to the role of public relations in organizations, and to provide exercises, which provide insights into the practicalities of public relations. 

MK3214 Brand Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course addresses important branding decisions faced by organizations. Itsí basic objectives are firstly to increase understanding of the important issues in planning and evaluating brand strategies. Secondly, the course provides the theories, models, and other tools to make better branding decisions. Thirdly, the course provides a forum for students to apply these principles using practical examples. Particular emphasis is placed in the course on understanding psychological principles at the customer level that will improve managerial decision-making with respect to brands. A central aim of the course is to make these concepts relevant for any type of organization (public or private, large or small).

MK3215 Non Profit Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course examines the role and applications of marketing in public and nonprofit settings. It focuses on a conceptual understanding of the marketing discipline and marketing processes and shows how basic concepts and principles of marketing are applicable to public and nonprofit organizations. Upon successful completion of this course, students should have a firm grasp of important issues in public and nonprofit marketing.

MK3216 New Product Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course is firmly based in the strategy of the firm and includes the marketing, manufacturing, finance, engineering, and R&D functions. This course is designed to present all the methods of market research and modeling in the marketing science field. One unique feature of this course is to get students understanding and managing new-product marketing processes.

MK3217 Intercultural Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course provides the basic framework for understanding Internet technology, e-commerce strategy, public policy and regulations on the Internet, and competitiveness in business at the level of the industry and firm. After they have completed this course, students should be able to understand the unique challenges involved in e-commerce and the importance of e-commerce in a global economy.

MK3218 Marketing Channels, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

This course provides knowledge and skills in the managerial aspects of marketing channels. The course provides an understanding of marketing channels as the basis for distribution decision-making. Students will develop skills useful in finding and analyzing information needed to make distribution decisions within a firmís marketing strategy, begin to develop the ability to anticipate distribution needs and decisions that will be faced by the firm in the future, and appreciate the roles of formal analysis and create work in approaching distribution decisions, objectives, and opportunities.

MK3219 Event Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

The course will provide the students with an understanding of the constituent elements of the planning, designing, and implementing events. The focus is placed on sales promotion techniques, marketing creativity, and public relations in the organizations. The course will develop analytical and diagnostic skills in dealing with marketing situations.

MK3299 Selected Topics in Marketing, 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MK1201

Specialist courses in selected topics related to marketing. Topics covered vary according to the interests and expertise of instructors and demand from students.


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